Testing Browser Compatibility Made Easy

With various different versions of Internet Explorer out there and various devices that can display sites, the testing matrix for your site is inevitably more complicated. In an effort to help you use your time more effectively, spending more time on building and less time on testing, Modern.IE. released today, will help you optimize your site for cross-browser compatibility and provide you with guidance and tools to help you implement it.

The Code Detection Wizard

One of the key features of Modern.IE is the code detection wizard. Technically not a new thing; however, what makes this code detection wizard different is that it scans your site and reports the webpage results in three categories:

  • Common problems that result from supporting older versions of IE
  • Guidance for the site to work well across browsers and devices
  • Guidance on new Windows 8 features that could be used to enhance your site’s experience.

With time, additional items will be detected and guidance will be provided accordingly.

Enter your site’s URL in the wizard and see what it comes back as areas for improvement/optimization.

Virtual Testing Tools

Testing on multiple versions of Internet Explorer is hard, usually requiring you to have machines setup with different OSes and the different versions of IE. If you don’t have any PCs available to you, testing becomes even more challenging.  With the virtual test tools, Modern.IE delivers two solutions to help you:

  • A free 3-month subscription to BrowserStack that allows you to test your sites through a web based application, without the need to setup a virtual environment.
  • Virtualized environments for you to download on Windows, Mac and Linux

Web Coding Best Practices

The Modern.IE team has compiled the top twenty tech tips that, when followed, will address most of the compatibility issues you may experience coding for the web. Granted, not the most exhaustive list, but it is a list that represents some of the most common patterns and practices to make coding for the web easier.

At the end of the day

“Less time testing for IE, more time building what matters to me.”

It’s all about being more effective with testing, knowing what needs to change to improve your site to give the best experience for your visitors or customers, regardless of the browser and version they are using. Modern.IE is another tool that can help you do just that.