Author: Thompson

YOU: Connected

This week at DevTeach, I, once again, had the privilege of sitting down with a room full of developers to chat about their professional development, careers, and how Microsoft Canada can help them stay up to speed with what’s going

Canada Does Windows Azure: Icicle

I believe that the best way to learn is to learn from each other, so I’m always on the search for stories of Canadian developers who have either built new applications using Windows Azure services or have migrated existing applications

April Showers Lead To May Flowers…And An Updated Windows Store App

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited that May is upon us… it’s about time! The winter was starting to feel like it was never going to end! But it did give us an opportunity to use those

Certification Jump Starts

You’ve seen many posts in the past about the value of certification, so I won’t get into it here. Bottom line, as far as I am concerned, certifications are one of the best ways to differentiate yourself amongst other developers.

Turn Your Future Into A Hobby

For a large number of you, your daytime work doesn’t give you the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest technologies (some, of course, do have this privilege, but not most…). Further, usually the training courses that you go